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Nepal HandiCraft Design - Paubha Painting Training


Paubha Painting Training

Paubha Painting Training

Paubha is a traditional religious painting made by the people of Nepal. Paubhas represent deities, mandalas or monuments, and are used to help the practitioner meditate. Those painting is known as Thangka in Tibet. Most paubhas show Buddhist subjects, but a few have Hindu themes. The paintings are made to earn religious value both for the artist and the patron. Paubhas are painted on a rectangular piece of canvas. It is prepared by applying a mixture of buffalo glue and white clay on it. The surface is then rubbed with a smooth stone to give it polish. The painting is done according to the rules and dimensions handed down by tradition. The paint is made from minerals and plants. Gold and silver paint are also used on paubhas. From a composition perspective, the surface of Paubha is usually occupied of a large figure in the center that is placed inside a shrine and surrounded by registers of smaller figures on the sides, the background is usually filled in with natural elements such as rocks rendered in abstract patterns. The color is often deep and subdued with subtle shadings of the figures and exquisite renderings of details that are the hallmarks of early Nepalese paubhas.

Training details:
Training: Paubha Painting Training (Basic and Advance)
Duration: 1 month to 3 months
Participant: 10-15 persons